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A USG (Ultrasound) Breast Both/(Sonomammography) examination is a diagnostic imaging procedure used to evaluate both breasts for abnormalities, such as masses or cysts. It involves using ultrasound waves to create detailed images of the breast tissue.

Duration 10 to 15 min to complete

Preparation for USG Breast Both/(Sonomammography)  typically involves the following steps:

Clothing: Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing that allows easy access to the upper body. You may be provided with a gown to wear during the examination.

No Creams or Powders: Avoid applying creams, lotions, or powders to the breast and underarm areas on the day of the examination. These substances can interfere with the ultrasound waves and affect the quality of the images.

Jewelry and Accessories: Remove any jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, or body piercings, that may obstruct the examination or interfere with the ultrasound waves.

Previous Reports: If you have any previous breast imaging reports, such as mammograms or ultrasounds, bring them along to provide a complete medical history and assist in the interpretation of the current ultrasound findings.

Medical History: Provide a comprehensive medical history to the sonographer or healthcare provider performing the examination. Inform them about any previous breast surgeries, breast abnormalities, or relevant medical information.

Breast Examination Timing: Schedule your USG Breast Both/Sonomammography examination based on your menstrual cycle. It is advisable to avoid scheduling the examination during menstruation or immediately before or after it, as the breast tissue may be more sensitive during these times.